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We are pleased to make available the final deliverables of EPAAC

Open Forum:

Media Training, Making Sense of Cancer - A Journalist's Guide
E-conference books of the Open Forum conferences in Madrid 2011, Rome 2012 and Ljubljana 2013

Prevention and Promotion:

e-prevention toolkits
European Week Against Cancer Conferences
Poster and Video Youth Competitions:
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ECL - Association of European Cancer Leagues Web Page


Report: Mapping the Landscape of Cancer Care in Europe
Policy Statement on Multidisciplinary Cancer Care
Cancer networks in Europe: a comparative perspective on the Iridium Cancer Network (Flanders, Belgium),
the Lombardy Cancer Network (Italy)and the Catalonian Institute of Oncology (Spain)

Standardised Assessment Methodology and Guidelines for Managing Pain, Cachexia and Depression
European Standards of Care for Children with Cancer
Survey Report on the Standards of Care in Paediatric Oncology Units
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Cancer Care Development and Opportunities of Integrative Oncology
Nutrition in Cancer Patients: A Summary of the Evidence
ESPEN Guidelines 2014: Nutrition in Cancer, Nutritional and Metabolic Problems in Cancer Patients, Effects on Clinical Outcome and Aims of Nutritional Therapies
Report of EPAAC WP 7 Workshop on Rare Cancers
Reducing inequalities in cancer treatment and care through the use of clinical guidelines: A review and evidence-based recommendations
EONS/EPAAC Putting Evidence into Practice, Workshop Evaluation Report
EUROPEP- Dyspnea
EUROPEP- Radiodermatitis
EUROPEP - Lymphoedema
EUROPEP - Peripheral Neuropathy
Survey report on the mapping of needs and resources in communication skills and psychosocial care in Europe
Report on Psychosocial Oncology Care Training
Report on Communication Skills Training

Screening and Early Diagnosis:

The ESSM Training Course:
Course announcement
ESSM Course 1
ESSM Course 2
Inequalities in cancer screening – literature review and survey:
Complementary report on social inequalities in participation in cancer screening in Europe between 2005-2011
Mapping inequalities in participation in European cancer screening programmes
Regional workshops on breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening:
Report on the Regional Workshops: Colorectal, Cervical and Breast Cancer Programmes
Report on the results of the survery by the University of Antwerp
Quality criteria for health checks:
CEN Workshop Agreement 68 (document CWA 16642) on the Quality criteria for health checks

Coordination of Cancer Research:

Pilot Project 1: European Cancer Research Coordination in Early Phase Clinical Research
Pilot Project 2: A European Platform for Cancer Outcomes Research
Pilot Project 3: Building a Knowledge Hub in Cancer Epidemiology and Public Health Research

Cancer Information and Data:

Map of cancer data sources and availability:
Document 1
Document 2
Document 3
ECIS document “Roadmap for a Cancer Information System”
IARC-ISS protocol for the Harmonization of Cancer burden Indicators in the European Cancer Observatory (ECO)
New European High Resolution Study Protocol:
Document 1
Document 2
Document 3
Document 4
Document 5
Document 6
Methods for comparable data on cancer costs at population level
European Deprivation Index in 5 European countries
Ecological regression analysis on cancer survival:
Document 1
Document 2
Document 3
Report on the Stateof Art of Methods for the Analysis of Population-Based Cancer Data
Pilot protocol for a European Platform for Cancer Outcomes Research in collaboration with EPAAC WP8
MAC Roundtable conclusions
Cancer survival by EUROCARE 5 updates, Lancet Oncol 2014;15(1):23-34 and 35-47
Cancer Rehabilitation Indicators in Europe, European Journal of Cancer. 2013 Apr; 49(6):1356-64
Moreover, please click below to access the EPAAC WP9 Meetings and Publications:
Document 1
Document 2
Document 3
Document 4

National Cancer Plans:

European Guide on Quality National Cancer Control Programmes
National Cancer Control Programmes: Analysis of Primary Data from Questionnaires


Boosting Innovation and Cooperation in European Cancer Control: Key Findings from the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer (Editors: Jose M. Martin-Moreno, Tit Albreht and Sandra Radoš Krnel)
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