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Policy statement on multidisciplinary cancer care

This policy statement on multidisciplinary cancer care is the result of the work done within the framework of the WP7 Health care of EPAAC. Please access the related document here

Putting Evidence Into Practice: Implementation Workshop 3-4 October 2013, Brussels

Following the success of the first PEP workshop in 2012 September, the second Putting Evidence into Practice (PEP) workshop was focusing on implementation of the newly adopted and Europeanized guidelines particularly in the Central and Eastern European context.To see the Workshop Report please click here.For the final programme and list of...

Psychosocial Oncology Action Meeting in Brisbane on 8 and 9 November 2012, Agenda and Meeting Report Available!

We are pleased to make available the meeting agenda and the report for the meeting on 8 to 9 November 2012 on the Psychosocial Oncology Action within EPAAC Work Package 7, Healthcare. The meeting discussed the development of a training programme on communication skills and psychosocial care for European countries with low resources in this area. This action is being carried out by EPAAC Work Package 7 with the help and input of the International Psycho-oncology Society (IPOS). The Meeting Agenda and

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Putting Evidence to Practice

The Use of Clinical Guidelines by Oncology Nurses in Cancer Symptom ManagementHealthcare delivery is becoming more and more complex and keeping up to date is challenging in most fields, but particularly difficult for nurses in Europe where access to latest research is not always available in the language of each country. Furthermore training is lacking in how to use existing evidence. An additional challenge is that many nurses feel disempowered to make change despite evidence that the use of clinical guidelines is one of the factors that lead to quality improvement, as well as enhancing cost effectiveness and job satisfaction. The European Oncology Nursing Society...

Putting Evidence to Practice Workshop, Brussels, 21-22 September

Oncology Nurses and Nurse Managers to participate in a two days workshop on Implementation of Clinical Guidelines in Symptom Management. Following the adaptation of Putting Evidence to Practice (PEP) guidelines developed by ONS (USA) to European practice in five symptoms by European Oncology Nursing Experts, the Brussels workshop will focus on implementation. Participants of this workshop will share best practices and will be piloting the new guidelines in practice. More information can be found on the EONS website.

Putting Evidence to Practice (PEP) Meeting, Geneva, 27 April 2012

Clinical Guidelines for symptom management in Radiotherapy,Dyspnea Lymphedema, Pain and Peripheral Neuropathy have been evaluated and translated to European practice by Oncology Nurse experts from across Europe. The workshop was organized by the European Oncology Nursing Society. To learn more about the initiative click here.

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European Standards of Care for Children with Cancer Document Available

Together with SIOPE, in October 2011 the Polish Ministry of Health organised a meeting in Warsaw, Poland, to promote the 'European Standards of Care for Children with Cancer', a consensus document on the minimum standards that institutions should have when caring for our young patients, in order to address inequalities in Europe (here you can find a report and presentations being made during the meeting). These Standards have been agreed both by patient and parent groups and professionals, in cooperation with the Polish "Communication without Barriers Foundation".

Conference on European Standards of Care for Children with Cancer

The Conference on European Standards of Care for Children with Cancer took place in Warsaw on 20-21 October 2011. This conference is a part of the EPAAC WP 7, Healthcare and was organised by the European Society for Paedeatric Oncology (SIOP) and the Polish Ministry of Health. This workshop was organised in order to disseminate the 'Standards of Care for Children with Cancer' document created by a multi-disciplinary team of experts across Europe.To view the conference summary, minutes, presentations and further information, please

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Kick-Off Meeting for Healthcare Work Package (Work Package 7)

The ICO - Istitut Catalá d'Oncologia  organised the Kick-Off meeting for the Healthcare Work Package (Work Package 7), which took place on 12 and 13 May in Barcelona.  This two-day event was organized in order to share knowledge on palliative care, evidence based guidelines and the implementation of guidelines on rare cancers. WP 7 Leader, Dr Josep Borras  and  his staff organized a fruitful event, launching the objectives and activities planned in the framework of WP 7. To find out more about the aims of the Healthcare Work Package, please click on the Healthcare link in the left-hand menu.


There is comprehensive evidence that significant European variability exists in both delivery of services and outcomes of care. Cancer outcomes could be improved if the broader range of activities and services for cancer were performed at the higher levels seen in the better performing health systems. Key elements for better cancer care consist of the following: rapid access to diagnosis, multidisciplinary care, coordination of cancer care throughout the process from diagnosis to therapy, including palliative care, provision of...